About Us 

We are starting our ninth year of a student/parent Christian volunteer organization, Chi Sigma. 

Chi Sigma membership is available to students currently enrolled in grades 5-12 at Prestonwood Christian Academy or PCAplus, but it is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Chi Sigma is a very exciting student/parent organization based on serving others together and giving students an opportunity to learn lifelong leadership skills while glorifying Jesus Christ.

  • The mission of Chi Sigma is to easily connect our students and parents with a variety of community service and philanthropic organizations, personal development options, as well as national volunteer possibilities.
  • Through these connections, Chi Sigma members will find their passion, which will inspire them to a lifetime of service and increased leadership abilities as great world citizens. Students will be given the choice of multiple options for serving others and personal development education that fit their schedules, as well as their grade levels.
  • Through Chi Sigma’s established connections, members will have few meetings, a simple, online system for their individual volunteer hours, and a reasonable amount of required hours per year in various areas.
  • Joining Chi Sigma demonstrates to colleges that the student has an increased level of initiative and a strong desire to serve. Members have the ability to record their volunteer efforts and membership on college resumes, thus gaining greater attention by college decision makers.
  • Chi Sigma is for parents, as well, to encourage students to see the full value of a lifetime of serving others. 

The Chi Sigma Board of Directors is dedicated to your membership experience, and we believe that membership elevates students and their dedication to others as they serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Your 2022-2023 CHI SIGMA BOARD:


2018-19 Chi Sigma Executive Board and Advisory Board
Front Row: Lynne Bridgeman, Laurie Brashear, Kelli Moore, Jodi Rodgers,Sally Bishop, Angela Powell
Back Row: Kathryn Young, Leah Shaw Melinda Hernandez, Alisha Nunnenkamp, Kimberly Doyle, Pam Ruggeri, Amy Villa
Not Pictured: Kristin Brull, Carol Bovee

2017-18 Chi Sigma Executive Board
Front Row: Darrellene Lindsey, Sally Bishop, Kristin Brull, Letitia Johnson.
Back Row: Kelli Moore, Pam Ruggeri, Jennifer Boothby, Lynne Bridgeman, Amy Villa, Angela Powell and Kathryn Young


2016-17 Chi Sigma Executive Board
Front Row: Kelli Moore, Angela Powell, Sally Bishop, Kristin Gile, Summer Dale.
Back Row: Pam Ruggeri, Kathryn Young, Lynne Bridgeman, Amy Villa, Julie Wilson.
Not Pictured: Jennifer Boothby




2015-16 Chi Sigma Executive Board
Front Row: Angela Powell, Marla Ford, Sally Bishop, Kate Morgan. Vicky Morgan.
Back Row: Jennifer Boothby, Tina Borden, Amy Villa, Kathryn Young, Lynne Bridgeman.